We offer a very unique service for your restaurants. We remove grease in your ductwork by giving them a complete clean, this is then followed by a seal with RZ-Ecoseal, a unique duct sealant that can significantly reduce the build up of grease and carbon deposits, we then follow up with maintenance cleans into the future ensuring your business remains safe from further fire risk.


About Us

RZ-Clean-Seal is born out of several years of testing and research with some high profile clients. Saving money on cleaning costs. Using the RZ-Clean-Seal 3 step process, you will have a safer and healthier building, while saving up to 50% of your cleaning costs. The initial payback is between 1 and 2 years and after this period you will enjoy a large reduction in costs and an increase in the efficiency of the system. RZ-Clean-Seal is a unique development to benefit the hospitality industry.


Cleaning HVAC systems is incredibly important and companies need full solutions to tackle rising costs. Thats why we moulded all the best that we offer into a single cost-effective package.

Preventing fires, stopping smoke filled kitchens and cleaning hardened grease and carbon without any need for weekly cleans or increased cleans over a longer period of time. If you have any questions in regards to how RZ-Clean-Seal works, you can contact us directly. The video at the top of this page explains the whole process from the beginning to end.


What is RZ-Clean-Seal?

A full package service that protects kitchen extract/ductwork in commercial kitchens by using the following three step process:


Removal of built up grease and carbon with a deep clean


RZ-Ecoseal applied to ensure duct is protected for the future


Maintenance cleaning continued after
duct is sealed



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